Some people are quieter than others. The same goes for houses. You might notice your home getting a little noisy at night. For horror fans, it can be pretty interesting. It will make you feel like a film character. However, this is not the case for everyone. This is a common fear that most people have and want to solve as soon as possible. We will help you answer this question: “Why do houses creak?”

Roof Repairs

Why do creaks sound in houses? This doesn’t necessarily mean that the cause is so grave. Sometimes, it’s as simple as your roof requiring repair.

It is a good idea to climb up a ladder and inspect the roof’s exterior first thing in the morning. It is a good sign to get your roof fixed if you see that some of the roofing shingles are starting to fall off or have become looser.

Plumbing Pops

You should also pay attention to your plumbing. We previously discussed the possibility that a house may make noises if it is new. There can be expansion popping if hot water flows through copper lines. However, that is not all the reason your house creaks at night. There is a possibility of a problem with the water hammer if you hear a clicking sound right after you turn off the faucet. This indicates that the valve has been opened quickly, triggering water pressure.

The pipe reacts to wood framing and other pipes, resulting in a clunking sound.

Squeaks and Creaks Underfoot

Wood flooring can make your home look more spacious and elegant. These floors should be updated every few months. It will soon become brittle, and the wood will sound a lot when people touch it.

This can cause problems if you have many people living in your home. This could happen when you are asleep and suddenly hear random noises.

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