The right choice of lighting and electricity in the house: how to choose lighting

Good light is the key to a comfortable space. Without it, a person will be uncomfortable indoors. Properly designed lighting allows you to zone the area, expand the room, reduce it, make it visually higher or longer. Light allows you to play with objects and create images and forms.

Good indoor light is very important for human health. It affects vital processes, such as metabolism, muscle growth, development, formation of the immune system, and the work of the cardiovascular system. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account not only the level of illumination, but also the correct distribution of light fluxes.

In addition to physical health, quality lighting improves emotional health. A lot of natural lighting adds strength, energy, and lifts the mood. Bright light is suitable for high mental activity, suitable for decorating an office or study. Soft light relaxes, encourages a quiet time. But too bright lighting leads to irritability and an increased level of stress and anxiety.

In addition to health, quality lighting affects productivity. Thoughtful light can increase concentration at work, reduce the risk of making mistakes, and increase concentration.

The level of illumination plays a role in the design of the space. You need to use different types of lights to create an atmosphere. It is quite difficult to choose them yourself, many factors should be taken into account. Our recommendations will help you partially cope with the task, but you can always turn to specialists. Our company “Ledmir” conducts a lighting audit. We help you choose the right light sources and design the space. Thanks to a wide assortment, we comprehensively cover all needs and select light from the idea stage to full implementation.

How to choose the right lighting and electricity for the home: important tips

Choosing the right lighting is not an easy task. That is why we recommend contacting specialists who will help you quickly calculate everything, taking into account the specifics of the space. This will save you time and money. But if you want to implement some solutions yourself, make lighting in a store, house, apartment or office, then we have prepared very valuable recommendations for you. Check out these apartments for rent in escondido ca. will help to choose the right lighting and electricity for the house.

Calculate the number of light points and prepare the electricity

Before buying LED lamps, you need to calculate the number of light points. A big mistake is often made here. Many consider only the main light that will be on the ceiling or wall. But it is worth considering other sources of light: natural lighting from windows and doors, table lamps, sconces, floor lamps, lighting. There are requirements for the required amount of light in the room. For example, the living room needs about 150 lux, as well as the bedroom. But the cabinet should have 300 lux.

To calculate the illuminance in Lux (lux), it is necessary to divide the luminous flux or brightness, specified in Lumens, by the area of ​​the room in square meters. and multiply by the correction factor. This is the fraction of light that reaches surfaces. It turns out LC = Lm / sq.m. * K. You can calculate manually or use programs such as Dialux.

The correct calculation of lamps will help to accurately determine the amount of required light in the space. Next, the number of lamps is determined, based on the indicators of the luminous flux that it emits. Here, not only technical knowledge and calculations are needed, but also a design vision.

You should also think about whether it is worth installing floor lamps or attaching sconces. Remember that the light can be general or background, decorative as illumination, directed to illuminate a specific area, zoned for visual division of space. All this can be done with lamps.

Choose a lamp according to the style of the interior

The right choice of lighting and electricity in the house1 how to choose lighting

It would seem like a simple tip, but many people make mistakes here. You come to the store, there are many lamps, all of them work. After a short time, pressure begins on the eyes, the head is thrown, it is difficult to assess how it will look in the interior. That’s why I want to take something to go home faster.

First of all, you should pay attention to the style of the interior. Minimalist lamps will look difficult in the empire, as well as bulky chandeliers with chains in high-tech. Therefore, it is worth thinking in advance about which lamp you need, how it should look, and then go to the shops.

Decide on the color scheme of the lamp

In addition to the general style, it is worth paying attention to the details. What color will the lamp be? How will it be combined with the furniture? Does it look harmonious in space? These questions should be answered before buying a lamp model. In addition, it can be made of different materials. Fabric, plastic, glass, metal. It is important to follow two rules when choosing a lamp according to the color scheme:

  1. The lamp should not blend in with the wallpaper, curtains and interior items, its color should contrast or stand out.
  2. The lamp should not be a “spot” that does not combine with interior items.

How to solve this problem? Very easy. Find a color matching table on the Internet, just click on “Color combination”. You will find charts that will show how the colors should be combined in the interior.

How to solve the problem of choosing a lamp and electricity in the house

The correct calculation of light points is the key to emotional and physical health, creating a harmonious space in which to comfortably exist. But how to solve the problem of selecting a lamp?

There are several options. The first is an independent decision. We have given many useful recommendations, with the help of which you can calculate the number of light points, choose a style, choose the level of illumination, decide on the number of lamps and their sizes. Of course, it will take time, a design vision is necessary, but you will be able to come up with interesting solutions yourself.

There is a second option, and it is more rational. Contact sacramento electrician who will do everything correctly and quickly. The service of calculation of lighting and selection of solutions is inexpensive. But. You will save a huge amount of time, and most importantly, you will not make mistakes. You will not have to spend extra money because the lamp does not fit in size or technical characteristics.