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What Are the Most Popular Cabinet Door Styles for Kitchens

Cabinet doors are essential in creating a stylish and sleek look in your kitchen. You need to keep some things in mind when choosing cabinet doors for your kitchen. These include the color, style, and material of your cabinets and how they match your kitchen theme.

Slab Style

The most popular cabinet door style on the market is the slab. These cabinet doors are simple in construction and only require one slab of wood to be installed. It is very minimalistic in design and doesn’t have any additional design elements.

These cabinets are easy to clean and maintain. These cabinets are very popular because they allow for customization. This slab door design is great for modern and contemporary kitchen styles. You can get cabinets without handles if you prefer a modern look.

Shakers Style

Shakers are a popular style on the market. This door has a simple design, with only clean lines and no other design elements. The doors consist of a four-piece frame and a flat panel at the center.

This style is also part of old architecture that dates back to the 1780s. The versatile design of this cabinet door style allows it to blend well with any interior. A shaker style can be combined with many kitchen themes.

Mullions Style

Mullion-style doors are timeless architectural features, but they still hold their own today. This design features glass panels separated by solid dividing bars, similar to windows. This design is simple but looks impressive. This style gives your kitchen a vintage and warm look.

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