The Zoya Factor is a romantic comedy based on the 2008 novel by Anuja Chauhan. Chauhan co-wrote the film with Pradhuman Singh, who also worked on Tere Bin Laden. The film has an easy-breezy, rom-com feel with plenty of charm and wit. While it is not for everyone, it’s worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a light rom-com.

The film stars Sonam Kapoor as Zoya, a junior copywriter who is born on the same day that India won the 1983 cricket world cup. Though she hates cricket, she finds that she has a lucky ‘luck factor’ in her name. Zoya eventually convinces the team to send her along for a photo shoot with the Indian cricket team and becomes the lucky charm. However, Zoya does not love cricket as much as she loves advertising, and her love for advertising causes her to take on a job with the men in blue.

Zoya has a bad love life and an even worse career. Her boss wants to fire her, but she cannot, so she dispatches her to a Pepsi ad shoot instead. She ends up putting her career in jeopardy and making her boss feel terrible. The Zoya factor is credited for many of the team’s victories. A lot of the ratings for the show are based on this sexy mascot.

The film has the potential to become one of Bollywood’s biggest hits. Its blend of Bollywood and cricket creates an extremely likeable film. The performances of Dulquer Salmaan, who plays Indian skipper Nikhil Khoda, are just right. His charm and macho persona are the right mix for the film. However, while Zoya is a good film, the cast are not as impressive as Salmaan and Dulquer.

The Zoya Factor is a romantic comedy based on a popular book by the same name. Zoya Solanki is a junior copy editor who has a luck factor with the cricket team. She mentions that her birth date coincided with the 1983 World Cup victory, which made her a lucky charm. However, Nikhil doesn’t believe in luck and doesn’t believe in The Zoya Factor, but he is smitten by her charm and ends up falling for her.

The story itself is a good one and Chauhan’s writing is superb. The characters in Zoya’s world are hilarious. There is even a cricket-loving Nikhil Khoda. While there’s plenty of drama to keep readers guessing, the characters are incredibly likable. The romance between Zoya and Nikhil is a good example of the chemistry between the two main characters.

THE ZOYA FACTOR begins with a strong start and a great narration from Shah Rukh Khan. It becomes better once Zoya reaches Sri Lanka and begins to interact with the Indian team. However, it falters after the intermission, and its pacing makes it feel rushed at times. Despite its excellent start, this film falls short of greatness and deserves your attention. Therefore, I don’t recommend it if you aren’t expecting an emotional roller coaster.