Explode the prize jar: A game with super great rewards

Explode the jar to exchange prizes is the leading game in Vietnam, with both an attractive interface and huge rewards. You should carefully learn the rules of the game as well as the secrets of playing games at the house Neu88.

The words you need to grasp when playing jackpot to win prizes

You cannot ignore the terms in the game, it will help you play the game effectively and successfully:

  • Spin – Arrow symbol: You can click here to start your spin.
  • Auto Spin – Autoplay: You can click here if you want the system to rotate automatically.
  • + / – : You should select this button to increase or decrease the bet amount for each spin.
  • Total bet: This is the total amount you used to bet.
  • Total win: This is the total winnings.
  • Menu: In this section you can find all information about the game, as well as view instructions and adjust the sound.
  • Free spin/ Free spin: You will receive free spins.
  • Wild: This is a special symbol in the slot game, it can replace any symbol in the game.
  • Bonus: This is a special bonus, which can be a bonus or free spins.

Steps to play the jackpot game to redeem prizes at the house

  • Step 1: You register or log in to your gaming account at the house.
  • Step 2: You deposit money into your account to have capital to play the game. During the first deposits you should deposit a lot of money to take full advantage of the incentives from the house.
  • Step 3: You access the jackpot game, choose the bet amount and press the spin button or automatic spin button, waiting for the final result.

Reasons why you should choose the jackpot game to exchange prizes

  • Beautiful interface, impressive graphics: Jackpot is one of the games with the most beautiful interface in the house. It can be designed on the theme of fruit, Greek mythology, fairy tales, etc. Moreover, the sound of the game will also be very catchy, you will never feel bored.
  • Easy to play, easy to understand: The rules of this game are very simple, you just need to rotate to see if you are lucky to win or not.
  • Huge reward: If you are lucky enough to explode the jar, you will receive a huge amount of money. This amount of money can completely help you change your life after just one game.


The secret to playing the slot machine game to win big prizes

If you want to participate in the jackpot game, quickly consult the experiences of your seniors to have more chances of winning. Specifically, you can apply the following tips to your gaming.

Calculate carefully before joining the game

You need to estimate how much money you can spend to bet on this game, then divide the amount of money you have into different rounds. You need to allocate capital appropriately to ensure the interest you earn is as high as possible.

Research jar explosion time

According to the experience of our seniors, the times 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 19 and 20 have a higher chance of winning. Therefore, you can consider putting money into these games to get the maximum amount of money. The winning rate is higher than the other times. Therefore, you should divide the initial capital you have to get the most money.

Use tips when playing slot games

The jackpot game is divided into many different rooms, you should start choosing the room with low bets first. If you feel that luck is finding you, you can move on to rounds with higher bets.

In addition, for the first rotations you should use a slow rotation speed, then gradually increase it to a stable level. It’s best to spin yourself instead of using the automatic spin mode because spinning yourself will bring you a higher chance of winning.

Some people even use two accounts to play games, in case the main account has bad luck. However, when using 2 accounts you must be very careful to avoid being discovered by the dealer.

Read carefully the rewards from the slot game

In addition to the main reward for customers who have opened the pot, these games also have a number of additional rewards. You should carefully study these side rewards because if you don’t win the main reward, combining the side rewards together will still give you a decent amount of money.

Resolves bad luck when losing consecutively

No matter how carefully you calculate, there will still be a chance of losing, so if you find yourself having bad luck continuously, find a way to solve it. Some people use secondary accounts to play games, but this method is quite risky because it can be detected by the house and classified as cheating.

Instead, you can take a break from playing for a while, change your working angle, change your gaming angle, or try another game. What you need to avoid is continuing to play the game because at this point you will lose your temper and easily make wrong decisions.


Exploding the prize jar is a game with a vivid interface and huge rewards. You should carefully read the rules and how to play to be able to participate in this interesting game. In addition to the huge rewards, you will also have moments of real entertainment in your free time with this game.