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789 bet Known as an address that provides the fastest and most accurate online house odds. Here, you can not only place bets conveniently, but also learn more about information and table of odds to place bets quickly and effectively.

What is the house football odds of  789bet ?

Football odds are a form of betting for teams 789bet presented after taking into account relevant factors. This is also considered a suggestion to help members refer and choose. ThUhuhng depend on the bets will be updated about 7 days before the start of the match.

This is the right time to help you learn, analyze and research to choose the right betting odds. In 789bet has its own experts to identify the matches to give the appropriate odds. So the accuracy is almost absolute and you can rest assured in the rafters.

Football odds are a form of betting for teams

Popular football bets at the  789bet  bookie

On the scoreboard of 789bet There are many odds, here are some of the most common for you to choose from:

Sports betting 1×2

1×2 handicap, also known as European handicap, with this form you will not need to care about the handicap between the teams. Instead, player bets only need to predict the team to win, lose or draw. The symbols on the rafters table are shown as follows:

  • 1: You follow the home bet to win.
  • X: Bet on a match with a draw result.
  • 2: Member bets away team to win.

Handicap betting at  789bet 

At the bookie, handicap bets are often chosen because it is not only interesting but also helps members earn more. This is a form of betting to create a balance between two teams with a difference in strength. The handicap rate will be 789bet provided based on the force of correlation between the teams.

Accordingly, the stronger rated team will play against the bottom team with the number of handicaps provided by the house. If the handicap is higher, it means that the strength of the two teams will have a huge gap. On the contrary, if the two sides are equal, the number of handicaps is not too much. Note that the handicap is only counted in the official 90 minutes of play and does not include extra time or extra time.

Screenshot 2 1

Handicap bets at  789bet  always attract many people to bet

Odds bets

With this bet, you will have to accurately predict the exact score after the match ends. This is the hardest bet to make money at 789bet but at the same time it is also a way to help you recover quickly with huge bonuses. Before each confrontation, the bookie will make some predictions about the score after 90 minutes of play. You can choose and buy bet tickets on the system and wait for the final result.

Odds on goals

Bet on goals at 789bet Usually not fixed in a betting window, but there will be many flexible variables such as:

  • 1st half/2nd half total goals.
  • The player who scores the first or last goal in that match.
  • The team scores the first or last goal after regular time.

Corner kick bets at  789bet 

Corners or Corners is a bet where you don’t need to care about the score or the team that wins or loses. Instead, bettors only need to pay attention to the number of corners taken during regular time. Because of the easy way to play, it has attracted many members of 789bet , especially rookies. In addition, depending on the tournament, the bookie also offers different types of penalty bets.

Clean sheet bets

This is a type of side bet that often appears in big matches with almost equal strength of 2 teams. Usually big tournaments like the World Cup, Euro or Copa America will easily have a clean sheet. With this bet, you will predict which team will keep a clean sheet in the official 90 minutes of play.

Screenshot 3 1

Clean sheet bets often appear in large-scale matches

Penalty bet house  789bet 

This bet will appear immediately after the match ends without being able to determine the winner and must go to a penalty shootout. That is why it does not appear as often as other forms of betting at 789bet . With this bet, you will predict whether the total number of goals scored by the 2 teams on the penalty spot is more or less than the house offered. Moreover, you can also predict the exact total goals that the two teams have after performing the 11m kick series. This bet is considered quite risky.

So we have helped you learn some popular football odds at nhà cái 789bet. Hopefully with the content that we bring, you will know the meaning of the odds. If you want to learn more information and betting experiences, please visit our website regularly.