Fran Barstool and His Boyfriend

If you’re a fan of pop culture, then you’re probably familiar with Fran Barstool. He’s the host of one of the most popular podcasts in America, Barstool Sports. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. The show’s hosts are a mix of reverent and unruly guys who are all about sports. It’s a fun and informative listen, and he makes the most of his time at work.

Francesca Mariano is a podcaster and a social media star. Her Barstools show has been available on iTunes and YouTube since 2012. Her Instagram story started in 2012, and she’s now number 20 on Brian Dawkins’ list. While you’re enjoying the show, make sure you check out the merchandise. Her interests include reading, traveling, and soccer. It’s not surprising that she’s made it big!

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Francesca Mariano is an Instagram celebrity and podcaster. She is number twenty on Brian Dawkins’ list of most influential people. She was born in 1994, making her birthday on September 20. Francesca is also the host of the Barstools podcast, which can be found on iTunes and YouTube. She started her Instagram journey in 2012, and her presence on the platform has only grown since then. Francesca’s followers have soared to 1.2 million.

Fran Barstool is a very popular figure, and almost everyone who listens podcasts has heard her name. You will find all her podcasts in the internet as well various apps. She has a YouTube channel and other platforms also features her podcasts. And, this is all the things that you need to know about her and her boyfriend.