What is Asian Handicap Sports Betting How to Play Details

Asian sports betting is a betting door that is no longer strange to today’s bettors. This is an easy-to-play, easy-to-win bet that helps players make a profit when participating in sports betting. Join Trang chủ 789BET to find out more interesting content in this interesting betting door in the article below.

1.What is Handicap Asian Handicap sports betting?

Asian handicap sports betting, also known as Handicap or Handicap, is a popular game today. Specifically, the house will have two main categories, which are FT.HDP full-time bets and 1H.HDP 1st half bets. In which the playing doors will have a handicap where the betting organization offers based on the strength of each team being rafted.

The handicap here will be depending on the scoring method in different subjects for example in football the number of goals will be unlimited, but in volleyball or Tennis, badminton all have a certain score. Therefore, consider carefully and make sure you understand the subject to read the handicap more effectively.

In addition, the handicap will also be divided into many different forms, be it the ball or the difference. Each type has its own way of making money and losing money, bettors need to understand these concepts.

In short, Asian sports betting is one of the most popular types of bets today. They have a variety of gameplay and payout methods that make them interesting and attractive to all bettors who like a challenge.

2. Types of Handicap rafters and specific calculation methods

With a genre as diverse as sports betting, bettors need to have the most accurate reading. In particular, when you know and understand the genres here, players will know how to calculate money more effectively. However, not everyone is familiar with those rules and terms, below we will explain them in detail for you.

2.1 Handicap 0 or all-ball

The ball hand or LVL is in the Asian handicap sports betting. In which the house will not give handicap for 2 teams in a match, it is understood that the rate will be 0.

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If the match ends with a win or loss score, the bettor will earn money with the bet multiplied by the Odds ratio. In the event of a refund, the bets will be refunded.

2.2 Half left side 1/4 (0.25)

For the left half of the match, the concept of the upper and lower door teams will appear. In which the higher rated teams will be on top and give a handicap corresponding to 0.25 points.

Bet players make money when placing an upper or lower bet that matches the selected result. On the contrary, when unlucky to guess the bet on the upper or lower team, the player will lose money. In the event that the match ends in a draw, the top bettor loses half of his bet, the bottom bettor gets half of the bet.

2.3 Handicap 0.5 or 1/2

One of the most easily confused Asian sports betting genres is the 0.5 handicap. Specifically, the bookie will offer a handicap of ½ of the score for the higher rated team. The calculation method will be similar to the ¼ bet. If the match ends with a default draw, the upper bettor will lose the full amount and the lower bettor will receive the full amount.

2.4 Handicap 0.75 or 3/4

This is the type of bet that the upper door team will accept the lower door team with 0.75 points respectively. The calculation of this handicap is similar to 0.5, but when the match ends with a draw, the upper door loses enough, the lower door eats enough. Ending with the upper hand winning by 1 left, the upper hand wins ½, the lower door loses ½. Only when the upper door wins and deviates from 2 left or more will you eat enough and lose enough.

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2.5 Handicap 1 . Handicap

This is a type of sports betting that is commonly found in many bookies today. Specifically, the top team will give a handicap of 1 to the lower rated team. If the bettor places the upper team, you only win the whole money when that team has a difference of 2 points or more.

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On the contrary, you lose and lose everything when the final result is a draw or the bottom team wins. In case the top team wins with a difference of 1 point, the player will be refunded the bet.

2.6 Handicap 1.5

There will be 3 cases that happen with this type of Asian handicap sports betting.

If the top team wins and that team wins by knowing the score is 1 or loses to the bottom team, the player will lose all bets.

In case the top team wins 2 or more goals, the player will eat the full amount.

In addition, if the two teams tie in that match, the player who catches the top team will also lose the entire amount.

2.7 Handicap 1.75

For this type of bet, the top team will offer a handicap of 1.75 points. The bettor only wins half the money when placing the upper team and that team wins by 2 points. Conversely, if that team loses or draws, the bet player will lose the entire amount. In case the top team wins by 3 points, the player who placed that bet will win the entire amount.

Above is all information about Asian sports betting that is compiled by 789BET. Hopefully with those shares you will have a certain knowledge to reduce money more effectively.