The Online Community of HealthTap

HealthTap’s online community of medical experts provides advice and support to patients. HealthTap Doctors donate their time to answer queries on a wide range of healthcare topics.

This site is an invaluable source of free medical advice for those in need, while simultaneously benefiting physicians by increasing their visibility and improving their reputations.

Connect with your doctor

HealthTap provides an online community for doctors and patients to connect. It strives to make it as effortless as possible for doctors to answer questions, while patients can easily locate their doctor’s expertise.

HealthTap provides a range of services, such as question submission, virtual consultations and concierge care. Additionally, it provides physician-reviewed news and recommendations.

On HealthTap, most of the information is carefully curated by doctors who volunteer their expertise. This includes answers to common questions, helpful hints and checklists.

Ask a doctor a question

HealthTap provides users with an online community where they can ask general health questions and receive answers from doctors. Furthermore, members have the option to book appointments for virtual consultations with a doctor.

HealthTap was launched with the vision to create an accessible healthcare platform that is available to everyone at any time. An entrepreneur and business consultant, HealthTap seeks to increase patient engagement and enhance medical outcomes.

Has long been passionate about wellness and identified low patient engagement as a problem within the healthcare industry. He believes patients would benefit from an organized platform free of insurance red tape.

HealthTap connects you with an extensive network of qualified physicians, dentists and clinical psychologists for in-person or virtual consultations. You can request a virtual consult using any device – video or text – and your appointment will be promptly scheduled once payment has been received.

Find a doctor near you

HealthTap provides 24/7 access to an expansive network of qualified physicians, dentists and clinical psychologists. In addition to live consultations, the app also features a library of questions answered by doctors as well as an AI-powered symptom checker that helps users find healthcare solutions.

The company states that its service has enabled tens of millions of consumers to find answers to their health questions and worries. Doctors must meet a stringent set of qualifications in order to be included in the offering.

This service is free to use and offers an expansive library of doctor-answered questions. Additionally, you can search for answers to your own medical queries and receive a customized answer tailored specifically to your query and condition.

Schedule an appointment

HealthTap provides an online community where you can consult a doctor on demand via video for all kinds of health issues, medications and lab orders. You can search through doctors based on their credentials and biographies, then select one that best suits your needs.

You can submit questions to a doctor and get free answers within 24 hours. However, you will have to pay an appointment fee in order to take advantage of this service.

The service also provides a doctor directory that highlights local physicians based on their quality ratings. You can book appointments directly through the app or website.


HealthTap’s online community of medical experts offers a range of services to help patients connect with their doctors and receive free medical advice. The platform is designed to make it easy for doctors to answer questions and for patients to locate their doctor’s expertise. Users can ask general health questions, book virtual consultations or in-person appointments, and access an AI-powered symptom checker. HealthTap has an extensive network of qualified physicians, dentists, and clinical psychologists, and users can search through doctors based on their credentials and biographies. With millions of users already benefitting from this service, HealthTap is quickly becoming a go-to resource for healthcare information and advice.