Reception of a ready-made house

Well, the construction is finally finished (or, it turns out, not yet finished?), the house is ready (or not yet ready?) for occupancy. Examine it, look for flaws. You should already have the experience of finding them, since you took separate stages of work. Whatever you don’t find will be yours forever. Not every flaw can be denied later. Take your time and don’t give in to the builders’ attempts to rush you (it’s getting dark, I have to leave for another facility, tomorrow is a day off). If the house was built without the author’s supervision of an independent architect, invite him at least at this final moment.

Do not show consumerist extremism, do not cling to existing trifles, but also do not pass by noticeable, significant mistakes. After all, you still have quite a powerful lever in your hands – the remainder of the amount that you must pay after signing the act of acceptance. It is clear that work (especially in one place!) Gets boring, and a new order could appear after you, for which new money is expected. You can already be on the periphery of the brain of employees of a construction company. Their minds and hearts are probably far from your house. Therefore, the shortcomings of the last stage of construction are very common. There is and cannot be anything wrong if the builders have to work in the same place for a few more days (and maybe a week or two). In no case do not set up your family in advance for the long-awaited settlement of such and such a number.

But when all the shortcomings have been corrected, when there are no more complaints – sign the act of reception and arrange a farewell dinner. It may even be better to schedule it for another day, so that the smell of delicacies does not contribute to the approval of construction defects. Of course, such a measure is possible if you have still maintained good or at least normal, neutral relations with the builders. We do not dare to say how things are going in other countries, but in our country, soulful conversations play far from the last role. And, among other things, you thus increase your rating among other clients of the construction company. Why is this necessary? Wise people say that it is better to be remembered as a good customer. Living life is not a field to cross.

It may even make sense to think about a gift or an unspoken monetary bonus to the person who led your project – a foreman or a foreman – if, of course, you are sure that he will correctly appreciate your good will. Tell me, what could a few hundred dollars mean to you – after you’ve gone through such a rough road with him? But you buy an ally. Remember that your home is like a living organism that may eventually need treatment. We will also give such an example, taken from the life of oven-bakers. If, after finishing the work, the stove-maker saw that the master was gathering on the table, he climbed onto the siding kansas city and took out bricks from the chimney.