Get rid of squirrels from your backyard and home – What are the elimination tactics?

For wildlife watchers, squirrels can bring several hours of happiness and pleasure but for homeowners, they might feel differently. While they offer several hours of entertainment and are very fun to watch when in the wild, once they enter your house, they can cause damage worth thousands of dollars. Rats, squirrels, mice, and rodents can lead to billions of dollars of property damage every year in the US. 

Squirrels have teeth similar to rodents which include large front teeth that start growing right from birth until their death.  their fuzzy tails safeguard them from natural elements and help them retain their perfect body temperature and balance. If you have been looking for a company that helps you with squirrel removal in Alexandria, VA,  here are a few tips to keep in mind.

What are the signs of squirrel infestation?

Before we check out the ways in which you can eliminate squirrels, let’s take a look at the signs of squirrel infestation.

  • When you hear chewing, scratching, and scurrying sounds coming from the attic space,  this means there are squirrels living there
  • When you notice footprints of squirrels, this is another sign of their infestation
  • When you notice marks of teeth in wood, wire, or damage to the air vent, this is also a sign
  • When you smell a foul odor that comes from vents, you should be aware of squirrel infestation

Steps to take to eliminate the squirrels

  • Locate the nest of the squirrels: Squirrels will construct nests with materials like leaves, cardboard, and tufts of insulation. You have to first remove the nests so that they don’t have any place to reside. 
  • Seal all holes and crevices: Just like other rodents, squirrels can squeeze into very small entry points. If you leave a single opening unsealed, you can’t stop squirrels. 
  • Hire a professional pest control company: The easiest way in which you can deal with squirrels is by hiring a professional pest control company.  The best management experts are well-trained to eliminate squirrels and other wildlife by using live traps and other methods that guarantee permanent solutions. 

Therefore, if you’re someone who is cohabiting with squirrels, take the measures listed above. Squirrels are afraid of humans and they are usually timid. Hence, it is not too tough to catch them and eliminate them. If nothing works,  contact a professional pest control company for better elimination.