Can I Remove an HDB Window Grill? How Can I Do That?

If you’re wondering, “Can I remove HDB window grilles?” then you’ve come to the right place. The rules surrounding window grille removal and installation are not too strict, but there are some restrictions that must be followed. If you’re a homeowner and you’d like to change the grilles, you’ll need to get in touch with a licensed HDB contractor first.

First, you need to know that HDB windows cannot have full sliding windows. Consequently, you cannot install full sliding windows. Hence, you must choose the same type, size, and colour of your new windows. Otherwise, you will end up with a dingy facade. For this reason, you can only paint your window grills the colour of your accent wall or floor. But you’re still not allowed to install floor-to-ceiling windows in your HDB house.

You may also have to remove the grill if it’s stuck to your window. You can do this by inserting a thin putty knife between the glass and the mullion. It will then loosen any nails or staples that are holding the mullion in place. Once it’s removed, you can replace the mullion with a new one. If you want to replace your window grill, you can install a new one by installing the bottom part first, followed by the top portion.

The screws holding the grill onto the window should be loose. Once they have been released, you can pull the grill out with moderate force. However, make sure that you’re careful not to over-stretch the grill, because aggressive pulling can damage the frame and the glass of your window. After removing the grill, you should check the area for any damage before putting the new ones. Otherwise, you may have to replace the window grill altogether.

When you want to replace your HDB window grills, you can opt for a new model in the same colour or a different style. There are plenty of benefits to installing a window grill in your HDB flat. It can make your home more comfortable, reduce your insurance premiums, and improve its value. Of course, make sure to follow the rules about installing window grilles in HDB flats before you do anything.

Invisible window grilles are another option. They are made of stainless steel encased in a rubber or plastic covering. Stainless steel is less susceptible to rusting than other metals, but depending on their grade, they can rust. Using a window grill in a modern home is best avoided, as they can reduce the view of the view from the window. You can also use a plastic grille instead if you want to add a view to your home.

If you want to remove the window grilles from your HDB flat, you have to first contact HDB. They can provide you with all the instructions you need to take out the grills, and they’ll even install them for you! However, it is not required for you to remove them when you move out. It’s a matter of personal preference. If you’re renting out a home, you don’t need to remove the window grills when moving out.