Poker Deck – Order of Ranking Players Need to Know

Poker Deck is the factor that determines whether a player wins or not in the last betting round. However, not everyone knows which is the largest and which is the smallest. In the article below, let’s find out with Nhà cái Hi88 the best order of hand ranking in Poker.

Instructions on how to create a Poker deck for beginners

To create decks in Poker, you are required to understand a few basic rules of this game. Accordingly, the dealer will initially deal 2 cards face down to each participant. Next, they will draw 5 more community cards (Community Cards) and place them in the middle of the table. After each betting round, each community card will be flipped up.

Instructions on how to create a Poker deck for beginners

The player’s task is to match the individual cards with the community cards to form the strongest Poker deck. This deck, also known as the hands, will consist of a total of 5 cards. In the last round, if one bets more and no one follows, that person wins.

However, if 2 or more players choose the above action, they will all face up and compare the strength of the generator. Whoever owns the hand with the highest value will receive the entire bonus.

Order of ranking of decks in Poker card game

Poker Deck What is has been fully revealed by us to players. However, in addition to this information, you also need to know the ranking order of the hands from low to high as follows:

Screenshot 2

Order of ranking of decks in Poker card game


Tender, also known as HighCard is handpost The smallest in Poker. It is used to refer to 5 odd cards that cannot be arranged in a suit. Instead, you can just arrange them in order from the lowest value card to the highest value.

A pair

The second weakest Poker deck is a pair or Pair. That is, in the 5 cards that you can match, there will be 2 cards of the same value and 3 odd cards. In case two or more people both own a pair, we compare the value of the pair. If the pairs are also equal, the largest of the three odd cards will be considered.

Two double

Two Pair or Two Pair is a set consisting of 2 pairs and 1 odd card. If more than one person can match this set, the dealer will give preference to the person with the larger pair. In case all players have an equal pair, we need to compare the value of the odd card.

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Another name for this Poker deck is Three of a Kind. This is the term used to refer to a combination of 3 cards of the same value and 2 odd cards. Similar to the two sets above, you will first compare the value of the three, if still equal, you will consider each leaf.


One level higher than the Triple is the Lobby, also known as the Straight. This concept is used to refer to 5 cards of consecutive value. However, it is important that they are not homogenous. If more than one person owns the Hall, we will consider the highest card to determine the winner.


Following the Lobby will be a deck of Box Poker cards or the English name is Flush. Contrary to the above link, the 5 cards you can match will have to be of the same suit. However, they do not need to have consecutive values. In addition, when 2 or more people can match the Bucket, we will compare the highest card in the set.

Screenshot 3

Following the Lobby will be a deck of Poker cardsof

With him

Full House is another way of calling Cu Lu link. A hand will be so called when it consists of a triple and a pair. The team with the higher value of 3 cards will take precedence when comparing cards in the last betting round.

Four Quarters

In Poker decks, the Four Quarters is probably the most familiar term for players. The international name of this link is Four of a Kind, which consists of 4 cards of the same value and 1 odd card. When comparing, we will first consider the value of the tuple 4 and then the trash leaf.

Lobby box

Straight Flush is the link that breaks the lobby in the Poker card game. This is a concept used to refer to 5 cards of both consecutive value and of the same suit. In case there are 2 or more people owning this set, we will compare the largest card.

The Lobby – The Biggest Poker Deck

The Royal Flush or Royal Flush is the strongest Poker card link. In this set will include 5 cards 10, J, Q, K, A and all of them must be of the same suit. If you own this hand, you will 100% surely win and receive the full bonus.

In the above article, we have revealed to players all the information they need to know about Poker deck. Apply these knowledge to stay undefeated in every hand and reap the expected profits. Wish you success and don’t forget to register HI88 if you want to play the most prestigious and “green” Poker game in 2023.