Chemists aren’t just geeks in a research. Some are extremely sensuous geeks in a lab — and come up with fantastic times!

Here are 15 reasons to date a chemist:

1. The puns. You should have fantastic “biochemistry.” Chemists have got all the “solutions” and great “figures.”

2. Chemists have minds. This body organ may not be overrated.

3. The go out often will guide you to decide why your own dessert recipe helps to keep dropping flat. (The kitchen is truly the lab of the home.)

4. Chemists love the important points.

5. Chemists like discovering — and revealing that passion for understanding. You’ll have your own personal concert tour manual during the technology center.

6. Chemists you shouldn’t surrender quickly. They are prepared to invest in a lot of testing and try several techniques being satisfactorily solve difficulty.

7. Lab applications are very spiffy.

8. Chemists are patient. Some their own tasks are time-consuming and repetitive.

9. Chemists are excellent with children as well as functions, because of the wonders of dry ice and easy at-home presentations.

10. Chemists are constantly fascinated with exactly how things function. You will begin looking at common circumstances from a brand new perspective.

11. Chemists focus well and then have impressive attention spans. From the laboratory, you’ll be provided their complete interest, also.

12. Your go out is somebody who would like to keep learning and increasing. Aspiring to measurable advancement is actually inspiring.

13. Chemists do not let bacteria restrict their unique results. Need not concern yourself with bad health right here.

14. Chemists tend to be useful thinkers. If you should be asked out by a chemist, she or he probably desires to date you — and it has currently put some thought engrossed.

15. Chemists like framework and stability. This can include healthier, committed interactions.

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